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Fist of Awesome – Review

Bear Knuckle Brawling


Star Wars the Old Republic – Galactic Strongholds Expansion

Sandcastles in the Sand!


SMITE Announces World Championship for January 2015

SMITE the world


Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs – Review

Rejoice internet, for the sequel to everyone’s favorite game to watch other people play is finally upon us. Will it live up to the particular flavor of horror that The Dark Descent established, or will it attempt to forge new ground? Either way, the screams will be delicious.


Europa Universalis IV – Review

Grand Strategy on an Epic scale.

Opinion: On an Hour of Beatbuddy

This time around, Minion gets his hands on an early copy of Beatbuddy, a music-based puzzle adventure game with super pretty visuals and sweet electroswing tunes. Naturally, he then proceeds to brag about how he got to play it before you, and then gushes about his time with it.


Opinion: On Magrunner and Fhtagn

You had one job Magrunner, one job! And you couldn’t even get magnets right! Well, technically they’re not actually magnets, they’re some sort of proprietary …


A Look at Anomaly 2

Now With Preorders


If Nintendo Whines in a Forest of Wiis, Does Anyone Hear It?

Wii U? Anybody? No? Please!?


Rumors in the City: Thief Press Demo Might have been Shady

Square Enix suffer Thief problem!