Star Wars the Old Republic – Galactic Strongholds Expansion

Sandcastles in the Sand!

Ever been so tired of slaughtering mindless minions that, at the end of the day, you just wanted to plop yourself down into a nice quiet bath in your summer home in the middle of space Nevada and just tune out? Or maybe some space whiskey on the rocks in your cozy bachelor pad in 1920s space Chicago is more to your taste? Either way, you’ll be happy to know that SW:ToR’s got you covered with their upcoming Galactic Strongholds expansion, scheduled for October.

There’s a lot more there than just custom housing of course, such as guild flagships, a prestige system and legacy storage, but did I mention that you can have plots on several choice galactic locations shared among members of your legacy? The focus here is clearly on customization and socializing, and while we don’t know, for example, just how customizeable guild flagships will be, we do know that they will act as giant orbital support platforms for guildies on the ground, when they’re not busy with planetary domination at least.

The expansion is being rolled out piecemeal, starting August 19th for Early Access subs, and expanding in September to include other paying customers, with the full release scheduled for October 14th, and more details on the various features to be announced in the coming weeks. And while none of use here have really touched SW:ToR since launch, it seems to have acquired enough traction to keep the content coming, and if there’s one thing that we do know, it’s that people love their player housing.

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