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Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning Featured Image News

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Gets Release Date, Collector’s Edition and Surprise New Expansion

You better Re-Recognize


Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Brings over 140 tracks of Rhythm game goodness in 2020

Railsliding right in to your feels


EA Show off Star Wars: Squadron Gameplay

Fight for the Galaxy October 2nd


Diablo 3 – One Year Anniversary and More PS Previews

Happy Birthday Diablo!


Knytt Underground – Plus This Month

Swedish developer Nifflas released the latest game in their Knytt series. A very stylish 2D platforming game with very expansive level stages.


Plus This Month – August 2012 – Update 2

The second wave of free games on Playstation Plus as hit, and Kelarik is here to tell you exactly what that entails!


Plus This Month – August 2012 – Update 1

Kelarik provides the first update on the European side of the Playstation Plus freebies for August.

Stay tuned for future updates on what’s coming to the US side of things, and what else us Europeans are getting!


Plus This Month – July

New month, new additions and subtractions made to the PlayStation Plus roster of free games. I give you a rundown of what’s available for this month. Games listed: Pacman Championship Edition DX, Renegade Ops, Gotham City Imposters, Deus Ex: Human Revolution


PlayStation Plus Freebies – June

Kelarik takes us through the list of games available to PlayStation Plus subscribers in June.