Diablo 3 – One Year Anniversary and More PS Previews

Happy Birthday Diablo!

Odds are you’ve completely forgotten about Diablo 3 by now, so the fact that the game just turned one year old might come as surprise. Yes, it’s been a year since Error 37 came out, and the masses melted more servers than ever before in Blizzard’s history, and as amusing as it is to pick on it, the game has seen quite a few changes in that time. The guys over at DiabloFans were kind enough to put together a bit of retrospective that sums up all of the stuff that’s changed over time, but what’s more interesting here is what’s yet to come.

Specifically, with Diablo 3 being released on the PS3 and 4, we’re been getting more and more info about the console adaptation, and it’s getting increasingly difficult to say that the console version will be the better game and still mean it as a joke. Between the lack of auction house, the ability to play offline and in local co-op, and the impressive adaptation to a console environment, it seems like Diablo 3 is fast becoming the best reverse console port out there.

Update: Conveniently enough, Blizzard have put together their own recap of the changes that Diablo 3 has gone through in the last year, have a look.

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