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Spellweaver, Definitely Not a Magic Spider

One of my favourite things about gaming is that, every now and then, you come across a game that teaches you something profound about yourself …


Guns of Icarus Alliance is Cruising Along

Guns of Icarus the airship flying fire extinguishing co-op funbox is getting an expansion in the form of Alliance


Fist of Awesome – Review

Bear Knuckle Brawling


Bleed – First Glance

How hard is it to triple jump and shoot a cat spitting fur-balls at you? That’s something that they teach in school and yet Dave somehow manages to perform poorly at it. It’s Bleed! and just so we have at least one pun in this, Dave is bloody terrible at it.

Opinion: On an Hour of Beatbuddy

This time around, Minion gets his hands on an early copy of Beatbuddy, a music-based puzzle adventure game with super pretty visuals and sweet electroswing tunes. Naturally, he then proceeds to brag about how he got to play it before you, and then gushes about his time with it.


Opinion: On Rogue Legacy and Coprolalia

Roguelikes have always been a thing of niche appeal, as their difficulty and unforgiving nature had a way of making people run away in terror. Rogue Legacy aims to capture some of the best aspects of the roguelike recipe, such as the difficulty and random nature of the game, and combine them with enough humor and fun platforming to give rise to the age of the roguelite!


Rogue Legacy – First Glance

Ever the masochist Dave takes on the challenge of “Rogue-lite” Rogue Legacy, And dies. Then dies again, and again and again. I see a pattern emerging here!


The Swapper – First Glance

Dave is joined by Dave, Dave Dave and Dave to take a look at clayawesome The Swapper. The question is, with Dave and Dave here, will Dave be able to control Dave and Dave, or will Dave just… Dave Dave DAVE.


Super Sanctum TD – First Glance

Let’s kick it out school! Super Sanctum TD (I think the TD stands for Trusty Dentures) takes us back to a simpler time. A time where Dave can sit humming the music for 20 minutes and hope no one notices.


Rush Bros – First Glance

Dave and Minion put on their headphones and compete in Rush Bros, it’s what Super Meat Boy would look like if you added dubstep, competitive multiplayer and traps. Will Minion finally become the master or will Dave put him in his place?