Spelunky 2 finally gets 2020 release date

15th September its time to cave in and go caving with your friends.

Spelunky 2 was first announced in 2017, 9 years after its predecessor, and was delayed in August of last year. PlayStations’ State of Play this week finally showed us what’s in store and gave us a release date of September 15th for the long-awaited sequel.

From the trailer above it is clear that Spelunky 2’s main goal is to create a game which will provide the players with stories, experiences and surprises. As Derek Yu, (Creator of Spelunky), says in the trailer “I want players to experience what we experienced making it – that feeling that there is something special there waiting for you to discover it”. This is demonstrated in the trailer with the inclusion of Online Multiplayer, the ability to build an in-game community and family, and the plethora of additions to make the world feel richer and more dynamic.

I have friends, I definitely have friends.

Some of the standouts from the trailer were the new characters, the vast richness of the world and some cool looking new items. Including a clone gun expertly demonstrated via the duplication of adorable pug dog damsels!

I’m in doggy damsel heaven right now!

The world seems to be bursting with action and discoveries to be made, there are branching paths to take and secret passageways to find. NPCs which can be either help you or hinder you mean you may never quite know what to expect. Oh and you can also ride turkeys too, in a cave – the possibilities are limitless when this charming multiplayer adventure game finally arrives September 15th.


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