Core Keeper Leaves Early Access August 27th and Launches on Console Same Day

Keep Calm and Core-y on.

The award winning Co-op sandbox adventure Core Keeper is finally leaving Early Access AND launching on Playstion, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch on the same day. The 27th of August. Details are currently not yet available regarding the intended content of the 1.0 release. Pugstorm and Fireshine Games have mentioned it will be a “huge update” featuring new QoL improvements, new content, and more fun.

Core Keeper is a fantastic little mining sandbox that has co-op for up to 8 people as you explore a dynamically evolving world, mysterious biomes and large bosses. Mine, farm, fish, get annoyed at your friends for leaving all the mine carts at the end of a long track rather than bringing them back to base and storing them in the chest they SHOULD BE IN… Ahem. Also Pets!

Core Keeper is a great little co-op game. We’ve sunk a lot of time in to it and so hearing it finally getting new content and a 1.0 release after 2 years in Early Access is wonderful news. Check out the announce trailer below.

Core Keeper is currently available on Steam in Early Access for £12.99/$15.99/15,99€

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Dave Spanton

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