Planetary Annihilation – Early Access Impacts Steam

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You might know of Planetary Annihilation as ‘that game that lets you blow up a planet with another planet’. There’s a lot more going on there of course, such as its wildly successful Kickstarter campaign and the wealth of other things you can do in the game, but it’s still a pretty apt description. Regardless of why it stuck around in your head, you might be happy to hear that Uber Entertainment have been hard at work these last few months, and the game is finally ready to head into early Alpha.

With Alpha comes early access for all the fans that had the means and foresight to pledge one of the higher Kickstarter tiers way back when. ¬†Of course, this being the first versions of Alpha, the game is more than likely to be very rough around the edges, but should still be rather indicative of what the final product might end up like. And in case you missed out on early access before, you can still get in on the action, courtesy of the Early Access pack on Steam, which will get you into the Alpha right now, as well as Beta when that rolls around, and a release copy when the game’s finally done. Have a fun little trailer of planets going boom.

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