Deathloop Shows How To Kill Two Birds With One Stone In Latest Trailer

It's a party and the gangs all here.

Arkane Studios upcoming shooter-looper Deathloop dropped another trailer on us during the Playstation 5 Showcase this time showing off the freedom and creativity on offer to the player during each loop.

Deathloop’s premise is simple enough on the surface. Playing as the assassin Colt, your task is to kill 8 targets on the isle of Blackreef within 24hrs. Fail to kill them all in time? You reset the loop. Get killed? You reset the loop. We’ve seen how the loop mechanic works in previous trailers and it looks like a pretty interesting shooter. Arkane showed off some some freedom in your approaches that reminded us a lot of Hitman in the new trailer.

One of the targets that Colt has to kill is Egor Sterling, who we see Colt take out with relative ease. Only problem is that another target Aleksis Dorsey is holding a party on the other side of the island which doesn’t leave enough time to kill the remaining targets. The solution? Get Egor invited to the party and take them both out at the same time. The wrinkle in this plan? Another assassin is hunting Colt, and while he has 8 targets to kill, they only have 1.

Deathloop sounds like a fun shooter that’s going to bring that Dishonored style freedom to your approaches right along with it. Combine this with what looks to be a satisfying combat… Loop, ahem, and the game looks like it could be another hit for Arkane, but only time will tell on that one.

Deathloop comes to PS5 as a timed exclusive, and PC in 2nd Quarter of 2021.

Check out the trailer below to see the loop in action.

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