Armikrog – Spiritual Sequel to The Neverhood Getting Kickstarted

Point and squidge adventure

Once upon a time it was 1996, and games looked very different. Point-and-click adventure games were still rather common, and shooters used all the number keys on your keyboard, often multiple times. It was in these times that a quirky, claymation point-and-click adventure game called The Neverhood tried to carve out its spot on the mantle of adventure game classics of old.

Sadly, despite being generally well received, it never met with any commercial success, and was quickly abandoned at the time, so any sort of sequel or remake seemed very much out of the question. Enter Pencil Test Studios and their upcoming claymation point-and-click adventure Armikrog. While not a direct sequel, the developers at the head of PTS conveniently happen to be the same guys that made Neverhood back in the day, and they’re looking to strike a very similar tone with Armikrog. The game’s story follows space explorer Tommynaut and his blind drinking buddy / alien dog Beak-Beak, after they crash on a weird planet and get trapped in a mysterious fortress called Armikrog.

With most of the old Neverhood dev team back together, PTS have also managed to wrangle the services of an impressive voice cast (you might have heard of Rob Paulson or Scott Kurtz) to round things out. The game is also set to get an original soundtrack by Terry S. Taylor, the man responsible for the memorable music of Neverhood. Of course, all of this will only happen if the game can get successfully funded on Kickstarter, and even though their goal of $900,000 is certainly not small, it’s off to a nice start already. Here’s their Kickstarter pitch, which handily includes a very nice sample of what the finished game would be like.

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