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Evolve – Hands On

Hunter or Hunted.


Firefall Softly Releases Onto the General Public

Now you too can explore it’s lush post-apocalyptic wilderness.


Sleeping Dogs – Review

Dave and Fluke have both extensively played Square Enix’s take on the sandbox third-person shooter genre, Sleeping Dogs, and are here to give you their thoughts about the game!


Iron Brigade – First Glance Guest Edition

Kelarik checks out Iron Brigade by Double Fine Productions, a game rumored to involve big mechs, aliens, and… Tower defense?


Symphony (Preview) – First Glance

Dave shoots his way to protecting his precious Shania Twain CD’s in Symphony. Liberate your music from the evil demons that are stealing it away. Symphony is available on GoG.com and comes out on the 6th of August.


Ravaged Beta – First Glance

Dave, Fluke and Surge take a preview look at upcoming Post Apocalyptic First Person Shooter Ravaged from the guys over at 2 Dawn Games. After a successful kickstarter campaign how is the game shaping up?


Strike Suit Zero Interview – Rezzed 2012

Fluke meets up with Chris from Born Ready Games to talk about Strike Suit Zero, an upcoming space shooter aiming to fill a void in the heart of the genre’s enthusiasts.


Max Payne 3 – Review

Dave and Fluke have a love-hate relationship with multiplayer modes in games: They love multiplayer, while it seems to hate them.

Luckily, it seems they have managed to tame the multiplayer aspect of Max Payne 3. They show us what it’s all about, as well as discussing the single player.


Max Payne 3 – First Glance

Today, Dave takes the dive into the newest member of the franchise, Max Payne 3 to find out whether it lives up to the standard of thrilling action and drama.