Firefall Softly Releases Onto the General Public

Now you too can explore it's lush post-apocalyptic wilderness.

Here’s a moment that I’m sure many people were starting to doubt would ever happen. If you have been following Firefall, at any point in its several years of development now, you might have noticed that it had a way of going through changes faster than a 13 year old on hormones. And much like said teenager, it spent a good long while lost in a sea of change, suffering under its own desire to be many things at once. Thankfully for its parents though, it finally seems to have found its direction.

The last several months of Firefall’s development have seen Red5 introducing new mechanics and revamping old ones at a frantic pace, as they pushed toward a unified new vision. With most of these changes now in place, and Open Beta finally around, Firefall has opened its doors to the world and is ready to strut its stuff. Speaking of stuff, the most recent giant patch o’ doom introduced Blackwater Anomaly, Firefall’s first big 5 man instance, which represents Red5’s first step in what most people consider proper PvE content. You can find plenty of info on the Open Beta over on their website, along with a handy signup link if you feel like giving it a shot.

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Dave Spanton

Dave Spanton

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