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Hawken – Ascension

Something Massive this Way Comes


How Titanfall changed my mind and earned me $5 at Gamescom

I don’t hold much faith in first person shooters these days. The last FPS I played that I truly enjoyed would have been Bad Company 2 and I can split that enjoyment 50/50 between it being a good game and the people I was playing with. That opinion however, changed whilst I was in Germany.


Metro: Last Light – First DLC Pack Now Available

Last light, First DLC.


A Healthy Dose of Killing in Killzone: Shadow Fall

A color palette wider than just shades of brown.


Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – First Glance

The 80’s! Everything was better, music, movies and of course the hair! Blood Dragon attempts to inject that 80s nostalgia straight in to your eyes. But is it every bit as incredible as what it’s trying to parody, or does it try too hard and fall too short?


Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – This is Exactly What the 80s Were Like Kids

A Neon Rainbow of 80’s Action


Dead Space 3 – Review

Dave and Fluke sit down to talk over Dead Space 3 in finer detail. With Dave having played the first two and Fluke being new to the franchise, how did they feel Dead Space 3 shaped up?


Aliens: Colonial Marines Bursts out of the Wrong Cavity…

and Gets Stuck Half-Way.


Dead Space 3 – First Glance

In space no one can hear you fail…

Dead Space 3 has finally released, and if you’ve been listening to STS (Of course you have… Right? RIGHT?!) You’ll know that Dave has been waiting for this one.