Hawken – Ascension

Something Massive this Way Comes

Every now and then, a new patch will come along that’s different from the rest. Where others see the need for balance changes and bug fixes, it sees the potential for whole new designs. Where others are content to tweak and tune, it boldly rips out the foundation and stars anew, with better, deeper systems and more rewarding mechanics. Such things are rare, and precious, and though they may rustle many jimmies, we welcome them into our betas with hearts full of hope. Here, then, is the Ascension patch for Hawken.

Now, I’ll admit to sadly not playing enough of Hawken to be able to fully appreciate the gravitas of so many sweeping changes, but I can say that the game is looking sexy right about now. The new tutorial and revamped UI should also be a great boon for new players, so if you’ve been putting off trying it, now’s right about the best time to do so. Also, since the rather long list of patch notes makes no note of it, I’ll just point out that the Ascension update includes Occulus Rift support, and while the devs still call it rather basic, I call it radical (this was totally the word you’d use for a VR-helmet when I was a kid).

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Dave Spanton

Dave Spanton

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