A Healthy Dose of Killing in Killzone: Shadow Fall

A color palette wider than just shades of brown.

It bears mentioning that this year’s E3 wasn’t just about Sony mercilessly stomping Microsoft into the ground until they cracked a tectonic plate or two. Not just because this is wild hyperbole for the sake of a laugh, but because of the fact that the majority of E3 is actually devoted to people showing off their fancy new games to everyone who’ll listen. Funnily enough, this includes the big platform exclusives that we were only given brief glimpses of during the two main events.

One of these is Killzone: Shadow Fall, a PS4 exclusive title that’s aiming to advance the story in the Killzone franchise, as it blows up all the things in a glorious shower of next-gen particle effects. And thanks to the Guerilla Games devs at E3, we’ve got a nice long look at what the new Killzone is gonna look like, and I’m just gonna go right ahead and rejoice at that fact that it’s not entirely brown. While I’m sure that CoDs and Battlefields of this generation will more than make up for the lack of brown on consoles, it’s refreshing to see a AAA shooter that likes to mix things up a bit. Have a look at the gorgeous sci-fi landscape before it goes boom.

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Dave Spanton

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