Tag: Action


Bleed – First Glance

How hard is it to triple jump and shoot a cat spitting fur-balls at you? That’s something that they teach in school and yet Dave somehow manages to perform poorly at it. It’s Bleed! and just so we have at least one pun in this, Dave is bloody terrible at it.


Deadpool – The Gang’s All Here, So Let’s Blow Them Up!

Chimichangas at the ready.


Remember Me – Stream Stuff

Dave returns to take an extended look at Remember Me, this time we get to see how the Memory Remix mechanic works and some of the other tricks that Nilin fields to get the job done. While Nilin is trying to remember, is Dave trying to forget?


Remember Me – First Glance

Dave heads off to Neo-Paris as he checks out Remember Me. In a world where memories are now an exchangeable commodity which ones are the most valuable? First Love? Holidays? Eating a McRib?


Colour Bind (Preview) – First Glance

Dave takes a look at upcoming indie puzzle-platform car jumping game Colour Bind. He discovers his new arch-nemesis: Things that float in random directions when pushed!