Deadpool – The Gang’s All Here, So Let’s Blow Them Up!

Chimichangas at the ready.

Yep, it finally happened, Deadpool’s game has gone live. We had our eyes on this one since it was announced back at San Diego Comic Con.

The game is best described as an action game, simply because it blends all manner of different genres and mechanics into Deadpool’s deranged view of the world. It’s also worth noting that the story, meta-narrative and dialogue for the game were all written by Daniel Way, who tends to be one of the more polarizing writers behind Deadpool, with fans either loving or hating his stuff. This seems oddly appropriate, since that’s how most people tend to feel about Deadpool himself. Of course, it wouldn’t be Deadpool is he wasn’t pissing off a whole bunch of other Marvel characters along the way, so expect to see Wolverine, Cable and a bunch of other heroes and villains making an appearance. Here’s the launch trailer if you’re still somehow debating picking it up.

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Dave Spanton

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