Warframe – An Update for Your Space Ninja

Nova incoming.

I’m always surprised when I bring up Warframe in a conversation and all I get are blank stares. You’d think more people would have given it a try or at least heard of it, given that it’s a free to play sci-fi shoot and slash with some pretty cool mechanics to it. So I keep continually having to explain how it’s about these ninja dudes that wear super fancy cyber suits called warframes, each with its own unique set of powers and assorted weaponry, who then massacre hordes of alien baddies because it’s hilarious fun.

You’d think that kind of thing would just sell itself, particularly since it’s technically entirely free, and their free to play model is very open and nonrestrictive. Well, if you’ve been holding off on giving it a try, now might just be the perfect time, since their big 9.0 update rolled out just a few days ago. It’s got new missions, weapons, bosses, and perhaps more importantly, a brand new Warframe that was essentially community designed thanks to their Design Council program. You can find the full patch notes for the update right here, and in case you’re looking to get into it, here’s the signup page. Happy hunting.

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Dave Spanton

Dave Spanton

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