This War of Mine gets huge update.

Now let's you kill your friends!

If you feel like you’ve been having too nice a time recently then maybe you should load up This War of Mine as it’s just received patch 1.3 boasting the largest update the game has seen so far.

1.3 brings to the table a Scenario Editor, Character Editor, 2 new locations (Old Town and Looted Gas Station) and two new music tracks designed for night missions.

Oh the tales we'll weave.
Oh the tales we’ll weave.

The Scenario Editor allows players to fine tune the story that’s being told, giving control over such aspects as length of conflict, weather conditions, how intense the conflict itself will be and also which locations are available during play. If that wasn’t enough, on top of all those tweaks and changes you can then also delve in to the Character Editor where you can change the name, appearance and occupation of the unfortunate souls that are going to have to suffer through the war. This War of Mine was already a game that could end up being soul crushing, with the ability to include your friends and family the connection that players can now have with their group is even greater making for even better stories and even more heartache.

And she was just two days away from retirement.
And she was just two days away from retirement.

In the accompanying Dev video they explain that they’ve been hard at work on 1.3 for a while (1.2 dropped back in December) and that 1.3 is available now on Steam, if you’re a DRM free player, sadly you’ll have to wait a little bit longer. If you’re interested in the Dev Diary we’ve included it below for your viewing pleasure.

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