The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing – A Bachelor Pad Like No Other

Slay your way to victory

There’s nothing quite as relaxing after a day of slaying monsters as coming home, grabbing a tall drink and just crashing on your bed. It goes without saying that you need to actually have a home furnished with a bed in order to do that, and since you’re the son of the world’s most famous monster hunter, you’d think you’d have one hell of a pad to show off to the ladies.

And you’d be right, as this latest trailer from the guys and gals at Neocore is kind enough to show us. It’s a bit more than just a fancy penthouse apartment though, as Van Helsing has an entire lair hidden away in the dungeons beneath Borgova. It’s a place to relax, store all your gear, grab a drink, and deploy a vast array of deadly defenses to thwart the monstrous hordes that seek to upset your perfectly grizzled beard even in the comfort of your own home. Such is the life of a world famous monster hunter I suppose.

Although not quite as pimp as the batcave, that’s still a pretty fancy lair, and if nothing else, at least you’ve got the better looking sidekick. In case you’ve not been keeping up, her name is Katarina, and she is of the see-through persuasion. Don’t let that fool you though, as she is a lady of many talents that are bound to come in handy during your travels. Before you run off to check out her quirky accent, I’ll just remind you that the game is coming out on May 22nd, and you can still preorder it from their site, which’ll get you into the Steam beta if you just can’t wait that long.

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