Star Citizen – All of the Shiny!

Blast off in tasty pre-order bonus ships.

Remember the space sim game that the guy behind Wing Commander wanted to make? You know, the one that had a really successful Kickstarter campaign and then just kinda kept on rolling, and is now sitting at more that $10mil for its production budget thanks exclusively to crowdfunding? Yea, that’s still a thing that’s happening, and it seems to be happening more that ever before.

This is part of a week-long promotion of the 300 series of aircraft, which are available in several flavors for your preorder / backing pleasure. In addition, Star Citizen and all of Roberts Space Industries will be relocating their internet enterprise to a brand new website on the 28th, which should allow everyone easier and more convenient access to their pledges, rewards and so on, along with a wealth of new info and content. And to commemorate the event, the devs will be holding a 24 hour livestream of Wingman’s Hangar starting at 11AM CST on the 27th, which will culminate with the launch of the new website. If you’ve yet to check out Star Citizen and their insane ambitions, I highly recommend giving it a glance, as there’s a lot there to like.

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Dave Spanton

Dave Spanton

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