Slay The Spire 2 Announced for 2025 Early Access

Slaying More Spires

Revealed at The Triple-i Initiative 2024 Gaming Showcase smash hit deckbuilding roguelike Slay The Spire is getting a sequel coming in 2025 to Early Access. While the trailer didn’t reveal much outside of the date, the Steam Page is up for you to wishlist the game and does contain a bit more information for us.

Slay The Spire 2 is bringing New slayers, cards, mechanics and more to the sequel, as well as new bosses and treasures, which isn’t a surprise. The game is set 1,000 years after the previous title and is rebuilt using a new game engine that will allow developers Mega Crit to push things further than the previous Slay The Spire.

Details on the game are light, several sections on the Steam page still show as TBD, or not announced, but that doesn’t stop the excitement from fans as the game is already climbing the wishlist charts.

Check out the announce trailer below.

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Dave Spanton

Dave Spanton

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