Sea of Thieves Update Brings Spooky Ships And Several Shantys

She Sells Spectral Skulls by the Sea Shore

Sea of Thieves Free June Update ‘Haunted Shores’ is now live, bringing with it a host of new content, several new shanty options, streamlined changes to the non-verbal communication system, new stock on Duke’s Black Market to work towards and the Pirate emporium gets some golden pets.

The Haunted Shores update sees the dreaded pirate Captain Flameheart summoning dread fleets upon the seas to thwart any adventures unfortunate enough to get in their way. These spectral ships come equipped with a whole host of new attacks to throw your way so whether you’re sailing solo sloop or part of a glittery group galleon (no alliteration for you brig sailors) you’d best be careful. Mines dropped in the water as well as new cursed cannonballs are just some of the tricks up their spectral sleeves.

Of course the risk has to be worth the reward and the Order of Souls are happily willing to take any spooky skulls off your hands and pay you for the trouble. They also offer a new voyage type if you want to take the fight to the scurvy spectral scoundrels, but you’ll need to be rank 25 in order to obtain one of these (Duke might also be able to hook you up in a pinch)

SoT Ghost Ball
Phenomenal Ghostly Powers… Itty Bitty Living Space

The shanty system has also received some tweaks under the hood. Players are now able to select which shanty they want to play, as well as a few new ones being added to the list such as ‘Maiden Voyage’ and ‘We Shall Sail Together’. This is great news for those would-be raiders looking to shake their opponents with a good ol’ group rendition of ‘Ride of the Valkeries’ before fire bombing their ship to Davey Jones’ locker!

For those players who prefer to not use a microphone Rare have also been hard at work on updating the communication wheel in the game. The most useful phrases have been adjusted, and multiple category wheels have been redesigned to allow things to be grouped together (such as strategy options).

The Non-Verbal system can now also be used while moving, previously players had to stand still in order to use the system, and as Rare moved the button on controllers, if for any reason you’re unhappy with their new choice you can remap each radial and even the stand alone quest radial now. More functionality options like that are always a good thing.

Oh, and there’s also golden pets now available in the Emporium for you to truly laud over the peasants if you desire to show off your opulence.

SoT Golden Pets
Bow before my mighty wallet

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