Sea of Thieves – Ashen Winds Update arrives 29th July and brings FLAMETHROWER SKULLS!

Winds Howlin'

Ahoy there fellow Pirates! New and exciting changes are coming to Sea of Thieves in the free July update. Originally pegged for 22nd July it has been delayed by a week to 29th July due to technical difficulties. The Ashen Winds update includes a whole host of content and changes; hit registration and damage improvements, accessibility features, a mysterious brand new encounter and the introduction of the Ashen Skull. Read on to find out more.

In their recent YouTube news update Rare shared that a brand new encounter will be released in the Ashen Winds, while they didn’t tell us what it would be the Sea of Thieves Twitter account tweeted out an ominous looking fiery looking cyclone. Given the recent events our guess is either Captain Flameheart is up to more tricks or Stitcher Jim might finally have resurfaced.

Another new addition with Ashen Winds is the Ashen Skull, sure you could turn it in for the usual gold or reputation with the Order of Souls but why would you when the Ashen Skull also doubles as a flamethrower! Throwing flames at your enemies and their ships has never been easier, be careful however, this flame has a lifespan. A charge mechanism means that the more you use it, the less it’s worth, but really, can you put a price on turning your enemies to cinders?

Sea of Thieves Ashen Skull Flamethrower

Along with all the new content, Ashen Winds brings us updates and polish in the form of hit registration fixes much to the happiness of everyone. The major change in this area is the fact that damage can no longer be dealt through the ship. This means that you can now hide behind masts and on a different deck without fear of frustration.

That’s right, come and fight me out in the open!

More accessibility options are always something we can get behind so we’re happy to see the addition of Single Stick Mode. Players can choose to have movement apply to either the left or right stick depending on preference and an auto-centring camera helps further. Also if you love being a pirate but hate being in the deep water, then no longer fear as Rare has given us an auto float option – take that Kraken I no longer need panic in your murky depths.

Sea of Thieves Single Stick Options

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