RuneScape Drops its 2024 Roadmap

Scaping out what's to come

Jagex took to Twitch to introduce us to the roadmap for 2024 which includes a new mode, environment updates, bosses and seasonal events which gives all types of ‘Scapers something to get excited about. They were keen to assure us that RuneScape is not in maintenance mode and we are getting lots of new updates and content coming.

What we already knew:
A new Necromancy mid level-Boss Osseous the 4th Matriarch is coming on May 28th, this comes with a small quest to uncover her lair.

Relleka is looking sharp in its environment update which brings us the quality of life changes we’ve all been waiting for.

In June the new Archaeology site Daemonheim come in with 2 locations which will get you a new relic power.

The new stuff:

The Sanctum of Rebirth comes in July. This is a brand new style Boss only Dungeon for 1-4 players with 3 unique bosses- this is pure bossing with no mobs between. There are new tier 95 weapons and Mod Hooli teased us that there may be something beyond that available too.

Mining and Smithing updates will give us new ores to mine, new bars to create, new armour and weapons and a new way to use your skills more in game.

The city of Um is gaining area tasks for us to complete and Necromancy is finally getting its 4th Conjured Spirit which will fill out the 106 mysterious entry. We will rejoice Mod Doom!

In Autumn we get our 2nd skilling boss, this is tied into the Sanctum of Rebirth narrative and while there aren’t many details due to still being in development I am looking forward to the devs updates on this one.

A new story quest is also coming in Autumn which follows on from Requiem for a Dragon, it will take us into the Sanctum where we learn more about the new skilling boss.

More Skilling updates come in the Woodcutting and Fletching areas. Keep Cooking guys, can’t wait to see what delicious things you make for us.

Much loved seasonal events like Blooming Burrow, The Beach and Christmas Village return whilst there is also a new Halloween event also coming. I’m already prepping my character to get that 99 Dungeoneering at The Beach, Claudia we’re coming for you!

The last reveal was the announcement of a new Group Ironman Mode, 10 years after the original Ironman mode launched. This is a long requested feature and it’s great to see a new way to enjoy RS with friends.

All in all it’s been great to see that RuneScape are promoting visibility and discussion with its community and this roadmap has something for everyone.

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