Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack 2 Reveals Rambo, Rain and Mileena

They drew first blood!

If you thought NetherRealm was done with Mortal Kombat 11 just yet, you were wrong. Showcasing the upcoming Kombat Pack 2 in a YouTube trailer today, we got to see the 3 upcoming characters that will stab, kick, and groin punch their way in to your games soon. Mileena, Rain and… Rambo? Sure why not.

The MK 11 Ultimate Edition was also announced, containing the Base Game, Kombat Packs 1 + 2, and the Aftermath Expansion. The release date for both Ultimate Edition and Kombat Pack 2 is currently set for November 17th, with a free upgrade to the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S version of the game planned as well, which we can always get behind.

Why NetherRealm chose to put Rambo in MK11, honestly? We have no idea, but it does allow a Stallone Vs Schwarzenegger showdown, with the Terminator being added in the previous Kombat Pack. It’s also interesting to see that Kombat Pack 2 is running on the lighter side with only 3 additional characters compared to the 6 that came with Kombat Pack 1, but hopefully the price will reflect this. Pre-Orders for the Ultimate Edition and Kombat Pack 2 go live on the 15th of October, and you can check out the full reveal trailer below.

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