Mojang’s Scrolls Heads into ‘Pay to Open Beta’

Cash for Scrolls!

I’m fairly certain that paying to get into a beta program inherently makes it a closed beta, but the guys over at Mojang seem to disagree. Either way, Scrolls, the first thing to come from Mojang since Minecraft utterly decimated the balance of power in the world of Let’s Plays, is finally poised to see the light of day on June 3rd, in the form of a beta that you have to pay to get into.

The game itself seems to be an blend of tactical grid-based battles and card game shenanigans, set in a fantasy world of no particular description. Think Heroes of Might and Magic 3, but with everything outside of the grid-based battles replaced with cards. There seems to be a fair amount going on there, and you can find some basic info on the game over on its website, with more hopefully forthcoming once the beta lands. Access to be beta will cost you  £13/€15/$20, depending on where you live,  and although normally the appeal of a game like this would be rather niche, it’ll be interesting to see how things go for Mojang this time around. Have a trailer.

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Dave Spanton

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