Hellraid – Do You Have What it Takes to Raid Hell?

Jolly Coopetition

Other taglines included Jolly Coopetition. No, I did not make that word up, the fine folk over at Techland, the company behind Hellraid, made it up and it was too goofy for me to ignore. You see, Hellraid is a game in which you chop and blast your way through hordes of monsters ARPG style, but from a first person perspective, in a manner quite similar to Skyrim. That’s where the similarities with Skyrim end though, as Hellraid is all about the hacking and slashing, and lets you join with up to 3 other people so you can engage in jolly cooperation!

True to its ARPG roots, the game’s looking to offer a variety of procedurally generated challenges, which will include a ton of loot and suitably hellish monsters for you to hack and/or slash. That’s not all though, as during your adventures your performance will be tracked and splattered all over their leaderboards, so you can compete with your co-op buddies, hence jolly coopetition! With that out of the way, not much else is know about the game, but you can find a few more tidbits on their website.

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