Dungeonland: Dance to Your Dungeon Maestro’s Tune

Dungeonland - an update to your mixtape

It’s been a while since we last ventured into Dungeonland; a place filled with traps, monsters and Dave’s maniacal cackling. There’ a lot to see and a lot to do at Dungeonland, and while most of it involves killing evil rabbit wizards, it makes for a hell of a fun time. Between the charming art style, plentiful monster variety and depths of depravity that your Dungeon Maestro can stoop to, the game had plenty of fun on offer, but did eventually run a bit stale.

That’s all in the past though, thanks to the efforts of Paradox Interactive and Critical Studios, who’ve been working hard and have a bunch of tasty updates to show for it. The updates include a new endless mode, random dungeons and challenges, as well as a host of new items to pimp out your team of valiant adventurers. It also introduces a Casual Mode for the giant babies among you, as well as bringing some much needed love to the Dungeon Maestro side of things, to help you get your evil on. And just in case you managed to resist its charms before, the game’s on sale on Steam for 50% off for a whole week.

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Dave Spanton

Dave Spanton

Unable to juggle or whistle, Dave handles the PR side of things at LT3 and also is one of the main content creators for the site. Which means if something's broken, you can most likely blame him.

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