Behaviour anniversary stream gives us Vecna. Trailers, Spinoffs and more

Double Trouble

Behaviour Interactive celebrated Dead By Daylight’s 8th anniversary today by showing off a taste of things to come. Leading with the next killer to join Dead By Daylight’s ranks, the Dungeons & Dragons mastermind himself Vecna. Bringing Magic and Mayhem to Dead By Daylight, Vecna arrives on June 3rd

Vecna will bring some interesting mechanics to Dbd, including treasure chests that give survivors a d20 roll to try and earn loot to help them keep their insides… Inside.

On top of Vecna’s Dead By Daylight reveal, we also received news of two new spinoffs, a Midwinter Entertainment led PvE project. A 3rd person PvE game early in development with not much known, while the second drops today and is live now. What The Fog, is a 2 player Co-Op rogue-lite adventure that sees players get sucked in to a Jumanji style boardgame.

We were also shown a new gameplay trailer for The Casting of Frank Stone, shedding more light on the town of Cedar Hills, and the stain left on it by the events of the past.

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