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Karmaflow: The Rock Opera – First Glance

Dave gets his rock on in Karmaflow The Rock Opera Videogame, and wonders why it has a needlessly long title.


Beatbuddy – Review

Toe-tapping, head-bobbing rhythm based goodness. That’s how Dave describes Beatbuddy, a puzzle/rhythm based game from Threaks. Join us as Dave breaks down what he likes and dislikes about the game.


Beatbuddy – A THR3AKS News Musical Special

Dancing closer to the August release

Opinion: On an Hour of Beatbuddy

This time around, Minion gets his hands on an early copy of Beatbuddy, a music-based puzzle adventure game with super pretty visuals and sweet electroswing tunes. Naturally, he then proceeds to brag about how he got to play it before you, and then gushes about his time with it.


Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians – First Glance

Feet tapping and head bobbing Dave takes a look at BeatBuddy thanks to the guys over at Threaks giving us a quick preview. A fun puzzle adventure game that sees you take control of Beatbuddy, an adorably cute blue guy that’s so cute I WANT TO DEVOUR HIM.


BeatBuddy Interview & Gameplay – Rezzed 2013

Take one part puzzle, one part Rayman, shake it to a fantastic beat and this is what you get. Dave talked to Denis at Rezzed about this music powered adventure, what it was like watching all the pieces come together and just how hard it is to explain this game.