DLC Quest – First Glance

Dave takes a look at DLC Quest, which arrived on Steam a few days ago after a successful Greenlight campaign. A bleak look in to the future, where even moving left will cost you. DLC Quest comes to Steam offering not only the original campaign but also the add-on campaign “Live Freemium or Die”. A fun little platformer that takes a tongue in cheek approach to the debate about DLC these days and whether or not it’s being taken too far.

Fantastic humour, delightful music, and enough references to fill a Wikipedia page. DLC Quest might be worth the price of admission, which is cheaper than a small coffee.

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Dave Spanton

Dave Spanton

Unable to juggle or whistle, Dave handles the PR side of things at LT3 and also is one of the main content creators for the site. Which means if something's broken, you can most likely blame him.

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