Bloodbowl 2 Chaos Gameplay

Let's get ready to FUMBLE!

The guys and gals over at Cyanide and Focus Home showed us the Human Basic Moves in a video a few weeks ago, and this time they’re back again with a look at how Chaos players can irritate the hell out of their opponents with tackles galore! If you’re unfamiliar with Blood Bowl teams or with how Chaos play, Chaos tend to be a more “smashy” team, going for crippling, maiming injuring and killing their opponents team rather than being all about speed and outrunning, this can lead to some harsh words when they kill the star player on the opposing team (as a Chaos player, there is no sweeter feeling). If you needed any more reason to jump on the Chaos team bandwagon, Chaos teams are the only ones to have innate access to mutations. Mutations not only give visual modifications to your players, but they also give some rather tasty stat changes as well, making it harder for your opponent to run away or if you’re truly feeling mean even more chance for them to be taken away in a body bag.

But that’s enough of the talking, you came here to see the video! Click above and enjoy the brutality!

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Dave Spanton

Dave Spanton

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