Forza Motorsport Announced for Xbox Series X

Vroom, brrrrmmmmmm, Eeeeeeee.

What Xbox event would be complete without the latest Forza getting an outing. The Xbox Games Showcase brought us the first look at the latest version of Forza Motorsport showing off some In-Engine cinematics to whet our appetites. No other information was given, no new features or release date were announced, one thing we do know though is that support for the Xbox One appears to have been dropped, a move sure to upset some fans but one that holds interesting potential for the future.

There are a few items that the keener eyed viewers might spot in the new trailer, the car choices being shown off is, of course, the big one, as well as the poster choices hanging on the wall giving some idea of events we could see, but until we have any more news, feel free to check out the trailer below for 59 seconds of Forza goodness to get you excited.

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Dave Spanton

Dave Spanton

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