About Us

LT3 was created by Dave Spanton, Steve McNamara, and Xander Dent. The founders decided that they wanted to create a community that focused on being inclusive and welcoming instead of focusing more on trolling, rage and cynicism as the “Angry Gamer” persona was a large trend at the time.

LT3 started as a simple concept; “Spread the <3” wanting to create a content platform that was able to build around the concept of positivity, as well as creating a community that could feel like home, no matter what gaming genre was your preferred or what background you came from, you’d be able to find someone that shares your passion. In an industry filled with passion by developers, cosplayers, artists, gamers and everyone else involved, we wanted to give it somewhere it could thrive and be encouraged rather than mocking someone for liking something different.

Over the years we’ve covered pre-releases,  press events, previews, live expos such as Gamescom, EGX and Rezzed, as well as creating Youtube reviews, written articles, opinion pieces and streaming on Twitch. We’ve received fan art, baby pictures, and messages from community members all around the globe. LT3 content has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people. So whether you’re into FPS, RPG, Casual games, Farmville or even Japanese dating sims, you may just find someone that shares your <3.

If you’d like to know more, or join the community, the site updates with content regularly, and LT3 has a Discord, Facebook, Twitter, and Steam Group, so you’re able to join in any capacity you wish.

We hope you enjoy our content, and thank you for checking us out. <3

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