Day: July 3, 2013


Opinion: On Rogue Legacy and Coprolalia

Roguelikes have always been a thing of niche appeal, as their difficulty and unforgiving nature had a way of making people run away in terror. Rogue Legacy aims to capture some of the best aspects of the roguelike recipe, such as the difficulty and random nature of the game, and combine them with enough humor and fun platforming to give rise to the age of the roguelite!


Rogue Legacy – First Glance

Ever the masochist Dave takes on the challenge of “Rogue-lite” Rogue Legacy, And dies. Then dies again, and again and again. I see a pattern emerging here!


BeatBuddy Interview & Gameplay – Rezzed 2013

Take one part puzzle, one part Rayman, shake it to a fantastic beat and this is what you get. Dave talked to Denis at Rezzed about this music powered adventure, what it was like watching all the pieces come together and just how hard it is to explain this game.