Day: June 28, 2013


Opinion: On Magrunner and Fhtagn

You had one job Magrunner, one job! And you couldn’t even get magnets right! Well, technically they’re not actually magnets, they’re some sort of proprietary …


Surgeon Simulator – Interview & Oculus Rift Gameplay – Rezzed 2013

Nurse I need 20cc of skill STAT! Dave tries his hand at playing Surgeon Simulator on the Oculus Rift with a Razer Hydra attached for good measure. He also sits down to chat to one of the games developers and discusses favorite colors and dinosaurs, because you know, why not?


Space Hulk Gameplay & Interview – Rezzed 2013

For the Emperor! Dave sits down to talk to Thomas the head cheese at Full Control to discuss the upcoming Space Hulk game, X-com’s influence and staying true to the fans.