Day: July 10, 2012


Rainbow Moon – First Glance Guest Edition

Kelarik takes a look at SideQuest Studios’ latest game, Rainbow Moon, on PS3.


Natural Selection 2 Interview – Rezzed 2012

Dave manages to get a few minutes of time to talk to Hugh Jeremy from UnknownWorlds about Natural Selection 2, how it feels to evolve from a mod to a standalone game and what NS2 plans to allow players to do in the future.


Carmageddon Interview – Rezzed 2012

Dave and Fluke sit down to chat to Ben Gunstone from Stainless Games to talk about the upcoming re-release of Carmageddon, the kick-starter campaign and how it felt to relaunch Carmageddon.


Peter Molyneux Dev Session – Rezzed 2012

Eurogamer and Peter Molyneux (Theme Park, Black & White, Fable) were kind enough to allow us to record this Dev Session that we were able to sit in on. Peter talks about setting up his new studio as well as Curiosity his new game, and also takes some questions from the audience.