Marvel Heroes 2015 David Brevik Interview – Gamescom 2014

Sitting down to talk to David Brevik, we discuss just how far Marvel Heroes has come over the past year, what players can expect in the near future.


Camelot Unchained – Carving Out a Niche in Your Oldschool Heart

With most MMOs turning to action oriented combat as the next big thing to help convince people to part with their money, it’s interesting to see a developer doing very much the opposite. City State Entertainement are thus looking to take their upcoming medieval fantasy MMORPG Camelot Unchained back to the days when games were hard and PvP was something that happened to you, and not something you just queue for.


RaiderZ (Closed Beta Preview) – Review

Dave, Fluke, and Kelarik sit down to whale on some over-sized creepy crawlies and give you their second thoughts about the closed beta test of RaiderZ.


RaiderZ – Closed Beta Preview (And Giveaway) – First Glance

Dave takes a look at the closed beta of RaiderZ that started a few days ago. Giving a quick overlook of everything he remembers to show.

We also get to see him die which always makes for enjoyable viewing!


RaiderZ Ingame Footage – Rezzed 2012

Dave and Rudiger are back with some ingame footage from Frogster’s upcoming MMO RaiderZ.


Raiderz Interview – Rezzed 2012

Dave sits down to talk to Rudiger about Frogsters new upcoming F2P MMO RaiderZ.


Temple of the Jade Serpent Tour – Mists of Pandaria (Beta)

Dave takes a very unpolished, unfinished look at The Temple of the Jade Serpent and is joined by one of the best rogues he’s ever seen.


Stormstout Brewery Walkthrough and *Bonus* Warlock Pets – Mists of Pandaria (Beta)

Dave takes a look at Stormstout Brewery, one of the new 85-87 Instances in Mists of Pandaria. Bugs and Crashes abound, as well as some shocking low DPS that puts Dave to sleep… Several times.